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Glitter Eye Makeup Tips

23 Février 2014 , Rédigé par imladris Publié dans #makeups

Glitter Eye Makeup Tips

Begin with a clean, dry face. Implement base and eye for beginners before implementing glimmer. If using strong adhesive, use a cosmetics contractor or Qtip to make use of the adhesive above the eyelash in a capturing movement to create the shape you desire. When using fluid adhesive with an contractor, apply adhesive in the same capturing movement but do not allow the adhesive to dry up before implementing the glimmer.

If implementing two shades, the deeper shade should be on the eye lid and the less heavy shade should increase from the eye lid to the brow. Implement only enough adhesive to do one shade at a time.

Start from the inside area of the eye and apply eye adhesive to the external area of the eye. Implement the eye adhesive to the whole eye lid. Close your eye so that glimmer will not fall into your eye during program. While the eye adhesive is still wet, dab your contractor into your deeper shaded glimmer and then gently dab onto your eye lid. Cover the whole part of eye adhesive. Once done with the first part, do it again use of eye adhesive above the deeper shade to the temple line. Implement the less heavy shade glimmer in the same way. Do not sweep on glimmer, it will apply. Eliminate unwanted glimmer with a large sweep.

Apply your dark eye liner to the lower eye lid and dark mascara for a impressive effect. If you like, apply incorrect lashes, but this must be done before implementing eye glimmer. Complete off your cosmetics with dark red red lip stick and impact. Glow, Sparkle and Glow.

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